Traly Reducing Cholesterol Tea

Help to reduce total cholesterol, maintain a slim physique and combat obesity


Each bag of 2.5g contains:

- Folium Nelumbinis: 20%

- Camellia sinensis: 17%

- Gynostemma pentaphyllum: 13%

- Radix Fallopiae multiflorae: 13%

- Cassia tora: 10%

- Fructus Mali: 10%

- Rhizoma Alismatis: 10%

- Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni: 7%

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: According to dossier published product quality at Agency of Food Safety, number: 22186/2014/ATTP-XNCB issued on  9/12/2014


- Help to reduce total cholesterol, maintain a slim physique and combat obesity.

- Prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, prevent diabetes complications, cardiovascular disease.


The adults.

Direction:  Using when being hungry or before meals.

Drink 1-2 tea bag/time, 2-4 times/day.

Dip tea bag in boiling water within 3-5 minutes.

This product is not medicine and it does not substitute medicines. Not used for pregnant woman.

Storage: Keep in dry and cool place, temperature < 300C


Packaging Material: products are packed in filter bag, and put in a plastic bag, then put in paper box. Packaging material is hygiene and food safety in accordance with current regulations.

Packaging specifications: Box of 20 bags x 2.5 g / bag.

Expiry date:

36 months from manufacturing date.

Manufacturing date and expiry date is shown on label of product.

Manufacturer:                     Trang Ly Pharma Trade Company Limited
                                            Address: No. 5 - G19 Thanh Cong - Ba Dinh - Ha Noi - Vietnam

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