Giai Cam Traly Tea

Good for lung, dispel cold, refreshing & detoxifying, reduce thirsty, support the case of cold, cold, headache from fever, cough, runny nose.


Each bag of 2.5g contains:

- Radix Fallopiae multiflorae: 40%

- Radix Angelicae sinensis: 15%

- Radix Rehmaniae glutinosae: 15%

- Sesamum indicum: 10%

- Lycium barbarum: 10%

- Fructus Corni: 5%

- Glycyrrhiza uralensis Radix: 5%

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: According to dossier published product quality at Agency of Food Safety, number: 22316/2014/ATTP-XNCB issued on 29/10/2014


Help to nourish the vitality, make hair black, limite baldness, get beautiful skin.


People with early gray hairs, weak hair, lot of hair broken.

People with anemia, pale skin, poor vitality.

This product is not medicine and it does not substitute medicines.

Not used for pregnant women, people with damaged and cold spleen and stomach, fluid bowel movement.


Drink 1-2 tea bag/time, 3-4 times/day.

Dip tea bag in boiling water within 3-5 minutes, can mixed with sugar.

Read instructions carefully before use.

Storage: Keep in dry and cool place, temperature < 300C.


Packaging Material: products are packed in filter bag, and put in a plastic bag, then put in paper box. Packaging material is hygiene and food safety in accordance with current regulations.

Packaging specifications: Box of 20 bags x 2.5 g / bag.

Expiry date:

36 months from manufacturing date.

Manufacturing date and expiry date is shown on label of product.

Manufacturer:  Trang Ly Pharma Trade Company Limited
No. 5 - G19 Thanh Cong - Ba Dinh - Ha Noi - Vietnam



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